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La Poule Noire is a cooperative composed of video craftsmen and craftswomen all working remotely. The project is to emancipate itself from the unhealthy dogmas of the industry and prove that a game can be created without crunches and delays. We want to integrate a comic dimension into our games to make fun of fashionable social phenomena.
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You are eccentric outcast Edgar, living in the woods with your chicken and beloved squash crops. Unfortunately, a sudden disaster forces you out of your shack and towards the bright lights of the big city, Boulzac, where an 800 year old fire rages beneath the surface, and weird things are afoot.

To Hell With the Ugly is an adventure/narrative game set in a film noir atmosphere. Help Rocky find out why he was kidnapped and tortured in a hospital where strange things happen. Explore Los Angeles in the 1950s through bar fights, mysterious investigations, and a lot of twists.
  • A witty and unconventional investigation story.
  • An unique and humourous take on the eugenics ideology of the era.
  • Stunning 50's Californian atmosphere.
  • Turn based fights with timing-oriented skills.
  • A fast paced story with lot of twist.
  • Easy-to-learn, suitable for beginners.
  • For short to medium sessions without frustrating hassles.