To Hell With the Ugly is an adventure/narrative game set in a film noir atmosphere. Help Rocky find out why he was kidnapped and tortured in a hospital where strange things happen. Explore Los Angeles in the 1950s through bar fights, mysterious investigations, and a lot of twists.


This is the second game made by La Poule Noire, creator of Edgar - Bokbok in Boulzac and it is with great joy and pride that we are going to adapt the novel To Hell With The Ugly by the famous French author Boris Vian.


  • A witty and unconventional investigation story.
  • An unique and humourous take on the eugenics ideology of the era.
  • Stunning 50's Californian atmosphere.
  • Turn based fights with timing-oriented skills.
  • A fast paced story with lot of twist.
  • Easy-to-learn, suitable for beginners.
  • For short to medium sessions without frustrating hassles.


There are currently no trailers available for To Hell With The Ugly. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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